What’s all this then?

Hi.  I’m Comedy Simon.  I love comedy.  Do you like comedy?  Yes?  Then we’ll get along.

What I do is I watch stuff and then I write about said stuff.  That’s my deal.  You then might read it and you might agree which means you are right.  You might also disagree.  This means you are wrong but I still want to know what you think.  Some other people might want to know what you think too.  That would be nice for your ego wouldn’t it?  We all like to feel loved.

This site is all about getting people who love comedy together to review stuff on TV and in movies and even radio if you like (bit 20th century of you but you go crazy).  We can all rate it, discuss it and ready my reviews and then see what happens from there.

Maybe you’ll meet someone and fall in love.  Who knows.  I don’t really care. Just read the stuff and write some stuff and we’ll see where we go from there.

Any questions address them to D Trump, White House, USA.