The Good Place

A nice bit of fun.

The Good Place is unlikely to have you rolling on the floor laughing. It doesn’t feel like a comedy phenomenon that’s still going to be around in five years but it is an enjoyable show with some great laughs along the way.

The actors all play their roles very well and the casting feels pretty solid. It’s got some nice twists and turns and is a little more surreal and sophisticated than you’d expect from your average US sitcom. In that respect it feels a little British.

The concept is that a group of people have found themselves in ‘the Good Place’ which is sort of like heaven. There’s a nice intro in episode one where the architect of the place explains that most religions got bits of it right. One of these people however has arrived here by mistake and is trying not to get found out.

There are some silly story lines and it’s worth watching all the way to the end of the season to follow the full story. I’d recommend it for some good light entertainment. Nothing wrong with it at all but unlikely to go down in history as comedy gold either.

Comedy Simon says…

*** 3 stars

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