A nice little romp around Ancient Rome.

This British sitcom focuses on 3 young men trying to get by in Ancient Rome, their pursuit of money, sex and glory – basically always ending in disaster as all good sitcoms do.

I actually watched the first 3 series (all that were available at the time) through twice and I have to say that for me it improved with age (unlike the Roman Empire based on the fact it doesn’t exist anymore).

The actors all do a solid job with Groomio, the slave with a strong Yorkshire accent, as the main highlight for me.

This show really is a who’s who of British comedy. To the point where I started tying to work out how many other British sitcoms it’s linked to via its actors (59 at last count).

Sometimes it can be a little cringe and other times it can be genius. You need a bit of an immature sense of humor to get into it but that’s not a criticism – maturity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (haha – I said crack).

I’d say go be it a go. It’s fun. In places it’s quite smart. Just don’t watch it with your mum / elderly relatives.

Comedy Simon says…

*** 3 stars

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