Blackadder ran for four series and with the fantastic and charasmatic Rowan Atkinson in the lead supported by such a wealth of talent including Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Tony Robinson, Rik Mayall, Miranda Richardson and Tim McInnery how could I not be a huge hit?

Written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton it tells the story of one man and his servant in four different time period as he uses his cunning plans to try and gain power and money at the expense of those around him.

The four series are set in the medieval, Tudor, Georgian and First World War periods and each shows a fantastic knowledge of the times and the key events that happened inserting Edmund Blackadder into each with chaotic results.

The first series is often overlooked and was less successful as Blackadder plays the loser whereas in the future series he plays the winner. It almost ended after series one due to this. When you look back at that first series now though it has a lot of charm and some fantastic moments so shouldn’t be disregarded.

Series 2 and 4 are the most popular but personally Hugh Laurie’s Prince George in series 3 is the highlight.

Most men dream of being Blackadder, most women would like to spend a night with him. I actually think Baldrick has some often overlooked features but then I’m not known for my taste.

As with most British sitcoms there are only these 4 series of 6 episodes each and a couple of spin offs with an episode each.

Blackadder remains one of the most highly rated British sitcoms of all time.

Comedy Simon says…

***** 5 stars

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