Airplane! is a 1989 spoof of the 1957 film Zero Hour. These days spoofs are mainly formulaic rubbish churned out for cheap to make a few bucks but this is not that.

Airplane! is full of repetitive themes and jokes that get funnier every time, stupid characters, losers, misunderstandings and all round craziness.

Not many of the stars would be household names these days except for perhaps the late Leslie Nielsen but many were stars of the day and often serious actors. This comes across as the performances are all the more hilarious by the over dramatisation of some scenes.

Classic lines such as

“Surely you can’t be serious?”

“I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley”

make this something everyone can enjoy. Some drug references and nudity make it not ideal for young ones but you be the judge of that. Maybe your three year old is very mature for his age?

Airplane! is rated by most reviewers as one of the funniest movies of all time and I can’t disagree.

Comedy Simon says…

***** 5 stars

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