That Mitchell and Webb Look

The ever-present David Mitchell and Robert Webb have been part of the comedy furniture for a long time in the UK.  They have featured together on radio and TV in a number of shows, most notably Peep Show.  Their TV sketch show That Mitchell and Webb Look ran for four series and featured some of what I regard now as all-time classic sketches including the brain surgeon and the Linden tree.  They’re very self-referential (to the point of having a self-referential sketch about how self-referential they are) and this works incredibly well in places and less so in others.

Overall this was a great show but I have to say a little hit and miss (another thing they themselves acknowledge within the show).  Some sketches seemed to have the punchline missing.  Not every sketch needs a punchline of course, as Monty Python taught us all those years ago, but you are left waiting at the end of some sketches for the joke.  Others had me in tears (of laughter).  Would be good to see them revisit this in the future.  They’ve got nothing else to do now Peep Show is over right?

Comedy Simon says…

*** 3 stars

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