Peep Show

Peep show ran for 9 series.  It became a real cult show and is, in my opinion, one of the smartest sitcoms on TV.  David Mitchell and Robert Webb were made to play these characters and they act them superbly.  Perhaps they have more of a connection with them than they’d like to admit, I don’t know, but they really nail them.

The acting is absolutely first class not just from M and W but also from the supporting cast.  Super Hans is an absolutely fantastic character and he is acted incredibly well by Matt King.  Subtle little looks and mumbles interrupted by drug-filled explosions are a lesson in comedy character acting for any young actor.

The writing team are clearly smart and very clever with their plot lines.  Lots of references to historical events – some a little repetitive – show the education behind the genius.

Peep Show is not for everyone but if you like smart, dry and crazy comedy then you will love this.

Comedy Simon says…

**** 4 stars

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